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Entity Framework Links

                I just completed a POC on Entity Framework using LINQ To Entities(L2E). I will start posting the valuable findings and workarounds that took a lot of my time. Meanwhile to get started below are few links:

A real good one as it compares the constructs generated with LINQ To SQL(L2S). LINQ To SQL at present looks much better comprehensive & simple (after all it’s done by C# team 🙂 ). But when you need to support multiple databases you have to look beyond it & that’s a major reason of moving to it. There are a few others which can be found here (look for Michael Pizzo comment) though I would have stayed with L2S if it worked with multiple DBs.

Other good one seems to be this. The official link to the MSDN is here.  Useful EF FAQ by Danny Simmons can be found here (he rocks even the most active official forum). Watch my blog for further updates on LINQ To Entites.


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