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Resolving Cyclic Dependency among VS.NET Projects

I normally prefer keeping all projects inside a single solution. This enables easy code navigation and mainly simplifies debugging. But sometimes this strategy hits a roadblock. For instance recently I required WCF & WF projects to refer each other. Now VS.NET doesn’t permit this, as it would create a cyclic dependency. We can resolve this issue by moving WCF / WF into a single project (used folders for logical separation). But unfortunately WF templates are not visible inside Web Application Template project which I was using to host WCF Services. Hence, as a way out I had to create 2 different solutions & split WCF / WF projects. Once you create different solutions, those solutions can have cyclic dependency between projects they contain. This might be the only way out in certain scenarios 😦 . Let me know if you have resolved this with other alternatives.


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