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Happy new year, Guys 🙂 . Sorry for being late on this one. I intended to first publish a long pending article as a small new year gift. Finally the article is up & you can see it here. It talks about applying AOP with Unity on NHibernate. It doesn’t contain ground breaking stuff, but it was exciting personally to connect these diverse pieces. Hope Unity would bring DI & AOP into the mainstream of .NET development (I have used Spring.NET in past for these techniques).

As part of new year I have chosen new hobbies, Photography & Automobiles to be precise. I guess its imperative to start each year with a new productive hobby which stimulates your mind towards a new joy. I will have few posts on my new hobbies soon.

Though I started this blog only in June (previous was here) below are my top posts (going by number of views) for last year:

Total Posts: 27 ( 😦 – Improvisation required)

1) Debugging an XBAP / WCF application – Windows Vista + VS.NET 2008
2) Issues using Workflow with Code Separation (.xoml)
3) Installing Team Foundation Server (TFS) on Windows 2008
4) WCF Certificate Security with XBAP / IIS Issues
5) Logging Best Practices

Keep Rocking 🙂 .


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