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Rhino Mocks Training Content

I tried searching on this for a personal assignment but couldn’t locate one. So decided to create it myself. Hope you find it useful. Let me know if your UG needs a session on this 🙂 .

1 Day Session
Software Requirements: VS.NET 2008 with SP1, Rhino Mocks 3.5, SQL SERVER 2005 / 2008, Windows XP / Vista

Design Principles
      Dependency Injection
      Aspect Oriented Programming
      TDD Development

      Introduction to Mocks
      Unit Testing with Mocks
      Types of Mocks
      State Verification vs. Behavior Verification
      TDD vs. BDD

Rhino Mocks
      Introduction to Rhino Mocks
      Record / Replay model
      Mock Types
            Strict Mocks
            Dynamic Mocks
            Partial Mocks
      Expectations and Setup
      Out Ref Parameters
      Recursive Mocking
      Ordered / Unordered Expectations
      Call Repetition
      Argument Constraints

One response to “Rhino Mocks Training Content

  1. Gnanavel R April 6, 2011 at 8:26 pm

    Hi Need session for Rhino mocks.’
    Thanks in advance

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