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WF DependencyProperty vs. WPF DependencyProperty

I had blogged about DependencyProperty in detail and its implementation in WPF. As it turns out WF has it own version of DependencyProperty which is also used nearly for the same purpose of Data Binding, Attached Properties, etc. I guess the MS teams were too busy back then in their own stacks and wanted to avoid any cross dependencies on each other. Hopefully these types would see a merger in 4.0 framework with consolidation of XAML; all moving entirely to a different assembly. Below are the different APIs currently available for WPF/WF frameworks:

System.Windows.DependencyProperty.Register(“Name”, typeof (dataType), typeof (parentDataType),
new System.Windows.UIPropertyMetadata(0, null, null), null); //def. value and callbacks

System.Workflow.ComponentModel.DependencyProperty.Register(“Name”, typeof (dataType), typeof
(parentDataType), new System.Workflow.ComponentModel.PropertyMetadata (
System.Workflow.ComponentModel.DependencyPropertyOptions.Metadata)); // type of property

Don’t they look like two departed brothers in Kumbh Ka Mela 🙂


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