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Jee Le Baby – Tech Ed India 2009 Memorabilia

An awesome experience!!! There are few events in life which exceed your expectations, Tech Ed India just happened to be one of it. There is a lot to write about but I am going to jot down 5 of my most memorable experiences for this Tech Ed.

1) Steve Ballmer: Being a presenter I was in the same hotel where Steve was staying. In the morning when I went for breakfast with Nauzad, Steve was having his. Just exchanged hello with him but spirits were soaring internally. Only thing I missed was he didn’t show his love for Indian developers like the one here 🙂 (unfortunately I didn’t get hold of Microphone during Q&A). Steve has been criticized by some for displaying extra energy at conferences, but personally to me he just awesome. I mean, take up any book on self development & you will find there a common saying – “Live with energy & enthusiasm”. We all were born like that as child & my daughter reminds me that every day. Thanks to people like Steve who are able to pursue it so long & keep inspiring people like you and me. Also I got to interact with some great guys like Stephen Walther, Don Smith & Blaine Wastell. Conversation with Don helped me for my Refactoring SOAP To REST session.

2) Agnee: What a music… Mind blowing. I saw some videos out there on internet but the feeling which we got inside closed hall is indescribable. Also the way they jazzed up the Steve’s entry on dice, I am sure Steve B. must have felt doubly charged. We again had some music by them on last day which ran almost till 9:30 p.m., and audiences kept asking for more. Theme song was best we techies have got in long time – “SHIFT + DELETE everybody’s troubles”.

3) My Talks: Unfortunately my first talk on – “Refactoring SOAP to REST” started 45 minutes late due to an extended keynote (in fact it wasn’t over then). I as a speaker prefer packed house, people climbing on top of each other 🙂 , but with comparatively less audience I think my energy was slightly on lower side. Nevertheless I am happy about the theme (Tech Ed 2010) I choose, building something creative over a topic which was largely spoken about with fresh demos. Second talk – “Federated Identity Architectures – Integrating with Cloud” with Ramnish (Architect track) was awesome. With Ramnish being there, possibility of anything going wrong was ruled out. We had a glitch free demo & hopefully the message was conveyed effectively. Who said combo sessions aren’t succesfull 🙂 ? I am thankful to audiences of both my sessions who made it such a thrilling memorable experience. I love you all.

4) A MCP: I took an MS certification on WCF 3.5 and cleared it. It was an awesome feeling as this was my first certification ever & I did it in close to an hour’s time. Also that made me won a watch in lucky draw.


5) Memento: There was a small trophy gifted to all speakers at end of event. I can without doubt say that it’s one of my most proud possession till date.


As usual any success of yours is always owed to others. I don’t have enough words to thank the entire DPE team at Microsoft who made it so easy for speakers – Ram, Manish, Ramnish, Vikram, Vinod, Harish, Bijoy, Saranya, Sachin, Nahas, Ravi, etc. Thanks you guys.

I will post demos & pptx in a separate post. I will close this one with Video which Ranganathan showed during managerial track (though not exact). Do link this post with your memorable experiences.

JEE LE BABY 8) !!!


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