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Entering Cloud with Tech Ed On Road

I will be doing a session on “Azure Services Platform” at this upcoming – Tech Ed On Road. It’s a joint event organized by BDOTNET & BITPRO user groups. Cloud for me is the most promising upcoming technology & recently I have been investing lot of my time in it. My co-speaker for the session is Janakiram (I would be surpised if you are following Azure and haven’t heard about him), who is about to hit a silver jubilee on Azure sessions. I have started enjoying combo talks after the one I did with Ramnish back at Tech Ed, I am quite hopeful that this too would be worth your time & petrol. Registrations are already closed but if I can still try helping out (after all I need to give some benefits to my readers :), though no promises are implied). Do drop a line to me on the same, and I will try my best. I will also post the samples & presentation slides here after the event. Looking forward to meet you all. Keep Rocking.


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