Getting into my skin – SOA with Biztalk

I will be talking today at BDOTNET on how we can drive our Organization’s SOA efforts using Biztalk. When I started with Biztalk, I was struggling to apply it into my solutions (when to when not to – Biztalk?). I had heard of SOA but wasn’t quite sure what it stood for (was it just a web service?). Apart from that, Session will showcase few down to earth samples – why Biztalk makes sense for Enterprise SOA efforts. If you feel the above is what you are struggling with or need clarity on, be sure to occupy seats by 11:00 A.M. I will make best of my efforts to provide value for your time and petrol 🙂 .

One thought on “Getting into my skin – SOA with Biztalk

  1. Please help me with the capacity planning for biztalk 2009. I have gone through optimiztaion guide given by Microsoft but this server is already in place so won’t do any changes to existing server.I have Biztalk 2009 server where applications are already deployed. Need to know how much load my existing biztalk can handle for next 10 years… Is there any tool or nay pointer you can suggest…

    Thanks in advance.

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