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PPTX – Leveraging Windows Azure – Virtual Tech Days

Dear All, thanks for attending my session. Hope I could do some justice to your precious time 🙂 . For my past attendees, session could have been slightly plain as VS.NET was not involved at all, but I still believe attending it should have kick started your thought process on leveraging Cloud Computing. You can download the presentation from Skydrive. A small confession – there were few demos (including EmergencyBloodBank) planned for the session, but may be during those hours Azure was getting ready for PDC and everything was quite flaky 😦 . In fact all my .NET Service Bus solutions (Namespaces) were unavailable. So, I took the decision of discussing more scenarios and in hindsight it also looks more appropiate too. You might want to keep a eye on VTD Site as session recordings would be shortly available. I will look forward to hear your thoughts on the session. Till next time, Phir milenge Chalte Chalte. Love you all!!!


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