May 2010 be your Best Year so far!!!

Happy New Year, Guys. Phew!!! What a year of blogging… Although blog has seen substantial traffic increase above 1000% compared to last year, what mattered more was a year of self satisfying blogging. If you have any thoughts of improvisation like changing my blog theme, blogging style, no. of posts, using polls, etc. I would love to hear on that. As an experiment I had enabled ratings for my posts. I was hoping people to rate and leave comments whenever a post didn’t meet their expectations but unfortunately that doesn’t happen always. Luckily, none of my rated posts have an average rating of less than 3.5, which is encouraging. Like last year below are statistics for top ten posts of 2009:

1) MVC vs. MVP vs. MVVM – Little did I realize while writing this post that it would top the charts surpassing everything. With 19 votes and average rating of 4.5 clearly this post is a chart buster. This shows that you needn’t be esoteric with your blogging, plain simple grounded thoughts are good enough to bring people to your blog. So if you are thinking to start a blog but don’t have ground breaking ideas to share with others, you can still start and be as useful as anybody else. Hoping to get better of this post in 2010.

2) ControlTemplate vs. DataTemplate vs. HierarchicalTemplate vs. ItemsPanelTemplate – common point of confusion for WPF programmers.

3) Resolving XmlDictionaryReaderQuotas Error For WCF Compression using GZipEncoder – one of the frequent encountered errors by WCF developers – XmlDictionaryReaderQuotas.

4) NHibernate Lessons Learned – covers some field knowledge from one of the projects we were working on. Handy reference.

5) RAID 0 vs. RAID 1 vs. RAID 4 vs. RAID 5 vs. RAID 10 – Proud of this one. I don’t deal with infrastructure setup daily but was able to put this across in a concise way. In fact references to this post where from some prominent IT forums.

6) Username Authentication over basicHttpBinding with WCF’s ChannelFactoryInterface – Again a frequently used scenario but lesser known.

7) MTOM vs. Streaming vs. Compression – Large Attachments Over WCF – we all want to transfer as little as possible but just can’t away with it. This post highlights how can you transfer large data with WCF contrasting the options available.

8 ) Logging Best Practices – Only post from 2008 that made into top 10. A widely discussed topic and a post which can be improvised.

9) Inside WPF’s DependencyObject and DependencyProperty – Only post that I liked so much and imported it from old blog.

10) Snapshot vs. LogShipping vs. Mirroring vs. Replication vs. Failover Clustering – Last but not a least other ‘versus’ post that highlights important differences between techniques part of almost every enterprise setup.

Few other posts that liked but which didn’t make it to top list – Load Balancing vs. Failover Clustering, Tower Servers vs. Rack Servers vs. Blade Servers, WCF Serializers, Performance Testing, .NET Threads, …

That’s it from last year. May, year 2010 be the best year by far for all of us. Keep Rocking!!!

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