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Food For Thought – Do you take your bugs to stretcher directly?

A critical bug comes to your support team. They try reproducing it and are unable to do so. Business guys get impatient. They escalate issue to the group President. You get a call at midnight from your boss. He tells that he is on a fire call with his boss and his boss’s boss. Your credibility is at stake.

You try understanding the error. Error turns out to be the ubiquitous one – “Object Reference not set to an instance of a Object”. You pull out the source code but don’t find any valid reason for the error. Debug builds are rolled out, PDBs are shipped, Logging is all over the place. A team member leaves for the site visit hoping to find something relevant. You start flipping through Release It, start browsing through Tess’s Blog entries – hoping to get some breakthrough. You start preparing your arsenal – WinDbg + SOS, Memory Profilers, Fiddler, Wireshark, CLR Profiler, etc. Somehow you want to get through this one, hoping it might result in a promotion. Suddenly a thought pops up in your mind – could this be because of missing Service Packs? Unfortunately, not all .NET Service Packs are as popular as .NET 3.5 SP1. You hit a bullseye. Production confirms they don’t have .NET 2.0 Service Pack 2 on their machine (.NET seems to have an innate trouble with handling circular references). Plans are chalked out, approvals are sought. Things start falling back to normalcy. Of course, the promotion you dreamed of never comes through 😀 .

This calls for an interesting analogy. When you visit a doctor he checks you with a stethoscope and doesn’t take you directly to OT. We as developers are technically motivated to do latter. We want to analyze every bug by taking dumps or using profilers. Alas, that would only benefit Airlines using which we do emergency travel.

(P.S. Framework detector is a good tool to troubleshoot such issues. Word – “You” is used here to create thrill and hide my infallible mindset 🙂 ).


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