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Your Feedback, My Passion – BLRCTD2010

Had a great time presenting at Community Tech Days. This was the first time I was doing opening session. Normally, I avoid doing it to get some buffer time, in case things go wrong. Nevertheless, it was an awesome experience. Thanks to the audience for making it so early on weekends. Hope the session was worth your time. You can find the presentation and demos here. Demos were largely from AppFabric SDK tweaked to convey a scenario. If you enjoyed the video I got the link from Vittorio’s Blog. Until next time, keep learning & sharing. Love you all 🙂 .


One response to “Your Feedback, My Passion – BLRCTD2010

  1. Mallesh February 14, 2010 at 3:57 am

    Thank you for giving a wonderful presentation. This is Mallesh and attended your session yesterday. And also had small diiscussion on mixed(windows & form) authentication with you. Thank you for sharing information and also let me know more by following you.


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