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TechEd 2010 Memorabilia

Phew!!! Another Great Event. Amazing sessions and amazing people all around. Like last year my top 5 picks for this Tech Ed.

1) First cool thing compared to last year – the Architect Track hall was bigger in terms of width (landscape mode). I prefer such an arrangement where everybody is within your eye reach & at the same time there are many seats to occupy.

2) My talk on Integration & Identity was largely scenario driven and hopefully was received well. For first time I was able to record the session entirely in my HD Handycam with help of a gentleman from Lalit. It’s almost a surprise viewing oneself in replay mode and guess there is a lot one can learn / unlearn.

3) I was part of the panel discussion on Cloud Computing with RamKumar, Sandeep, Anandan, et al. Great experience.

4) Parties – First day ended with dinner party hosted by Microsoft and I was lucky to be on the same table with John & David from Patterns & Practices. If there has ever been a team at Microsoft that can save your job it’s got be the P&P team 🙂 . Second day was a Microsoft influentials reception by Infragistics / Pluralsight. It was fun meeting old friends & Microsoft buddies at dinner. Final day was breakfast with Aaron Skonnard. Nothing less than a dream come true.

5) Last but not the least the second memento to add.

It’s GIDS time now.


2 responses to “TechEd 2010 Memorabilia

  1. Raghu October 27, 2010 at 10:07 am

    congrats and your blog inspiring us to do more..

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