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Inserting Table Of Contents using Microsoft Word 2010

I was helping a colleague of mine with this and he forced me to blog about it. Though, I am not sure below is the best way to insert a Table of Contents (TOC) in MS word, what I am definitely sure is many techies struggle with this. They do a copy / paste from a previous document or mess it up completely. To start, you can insert TOC by clicking on References TAB – Table of Contents. You create one manually or you can select automatic – automatic seems to be the more preferred one. As shown below by default TOC can be created up to 3 levels of detail. Word supports upto 9 level of detailing which can be customized along with other options by selecting – [Insert Table of Contents…] in the dropdown.

Once you do above move to a new page (CTRL + Break) and go to Home Tab -> Paragraph gallery and select the multilevel list (or create a custom one) you prefer as shown below:

If you want to change your content to a sub heading or parent heading you can use the Indent arrow buttons / TAB key. If the number you require doesn’t appear for a new line you can always select back the multilevel list in Paragraph gallery as shown earlier. That’s it, you can key your complete document with various levels of headings and once done you can go back to the inserted TOC to update it as shown below

Simple but useful if you haven’t done it before 🙂 .


2 responses to “Inserting Table Of Contents using Microsoft Word 2010

  1. mike.smith July 20, 2010 at 12:54 pm

    I would only add one correction. TOC can be created into as many levels of details as possible.

    Also, you can define your own styles that will be included in your TOC, therefore you are not limited only to Heading styles.

  2. nirajrules July 20, 2010 at 9:16 pm

    Thanks a ton Mike. I will update the post accordingly.

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