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India’s First Public Windows Azure Boot Camp

Hello Folks!!! I am excited to share with you that we are conducting the first public Windows Azure Boot Camp in India, location being Bangalore. I would be the speaker for these two days event which would level 100 – 200 introduction on Windows Azure. Due to various constraints we have limited the entry to twenty-five participants. Thanks to you all, currently we have about 250 registrations for the event and we are almost done with selecting the final list of attendees. I wish I had added the column in the registration page wherein one can specify the reason why he or she should be given a preference over others. Though we definitely plan to have that for future events, for this event if you happen to read this blog entry and have a strong reason for attendance (current project on Azure / Passion for Azure / Helping at the event, etc.) do drop me mail. I will try to put across your case and do my best to include you (no guarantee though). Anyways, thanks to all who have registered and hopefully we have selected the best 🙂 . Keep learning, keep sharing!!!


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