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Microsoft Certified Career Conference Promotion Code

Folks, I am super excited to present at Microsoft Certified Career Conference on 18th February, 2011 (IST +5:30). To me it’s a rare and wonderful conference that focuses on overall career growth. Though technology happens to be an important aspect of our software industry, one can rarely succeed driving on it alone – irrespective of his / her designation. To help with the same conference has a wide variety of sessions including Communication, Listening skills, Certifications, Resume writing, and technology among others. My talk though technical in nature hopefully would be quite edible and appealing. It intends to unleash the horror behind login screens and especially the identity stores attached to them. It walks through the series of challenges faced by developers, IT Pros and Businesses showing how we can overcome them. Finally I have some good news. If you plan to register for the conference you can use the Promo code – CCDX5CH6MS and attend the conference for USD 10 per entrance ticket (80% discount on the regular fee). Not sure if one could have asked for more 🙂 .


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