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Print Page Alignment – SQL Server Reporting Services

There could be times when you see an SSRS report fit quite nicely on your monitor but things turn out quite different when you actually hit ‘Print’ button. At times this could be due to overlooked sections of report, unnecessary white space, etc. but mostly due to bad printing alignment.
To specify proper print alignment for report one needs to measure its page size. You can do this by Selecting Report Menu -> View -> Ruler

Try to assess the width of your report via Ruler (if you care for the height you can measure that too)

After assessing the width, go to report menu -> report properties -> page setup. Here you can select various options like Paper size, Page Units, Width, Height, Margins, etc. Ensure that the width you specify over here matches your width calculation via ruler and has necessary buffer for margins too. E.g. if the width via ruler indicates that report size is 10 inches, and your margins (Left and right) are one inch each, the width in page setup should be 12 inches as shown below or alternately you may to have to report per se to decrease its width:

Hope this helps!!!


2 responses to “Print Page Alignment – SQL Server Reporting Services

  1. Krishna February 11, 2013 at 10:52 pm

    Perfect example Niraj. Thanks a lot posting this information. I went through many examples and this one fixed my problem and we got output as expected.


  2. Sandeep August 28, 2013 at 3:59 pm

    Good Post NIraj.. It helped me as well Thank you

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