Live!!! PluralSight Course – “Windows Azure Diagnostics”

Friends, My new course for PluralSight – “Windows Azure Diagnostics” just got published. It has been quite a gap since I last did the flyweight pattern module for PluralSight. Windows Azure Diagnostics (WAD) to me is a very important aspect of Windows Azure. I can confidently say hadn’t it been for WAD, I wouldn’t have succeeded developing a single application on Windows Azure. On top of that most the articles and materials I came across on this topic talked about only imperative code based setup. I confess WAD was a distant topic for me, and for quite some time I dreaded it, not quite understanding what it stands for and how to work with it. Finally, having got my Ahaa moment , I thought of sharing this knowledge with you all. Among others, course talks about WAD integration with Enterprise Library Logging Application Block and Log4Net , including configuring the logging verbosity at runtime. Course also covers DB Trace Listener, WAD PowerShell Cmdlets, On-Demand Transfer and IntelliTrace.

Do drop me a line (, if you happen to look at the course. What you learnt, how useful it was to you, what could have been better (I personally felt there is room for voice quality and demo alignments)?. Though, I am still happy with overall content and course 🙂  . If you would like to see any other courses around Windows Azure or other Microsoft technologies, please let me know that as well.Until next time, happy learning…


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