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Presenting at Great Indian Developer Summit 2012

Readers, I have been blogging quite less lately but really working on bouncing back soon. Meanwhile, I am speaking at the Great Indian Developer Summit (GIDS) 2012 on Windows Azure Access Control Service Usage Patterns. My session is on 17th April, 10 a.m. IST. Infact, this is my 4th presentation at GIDS conference, having presented at last three. If you are attending the summit, do drop by my session; I am committed to provide maximum ROI on your time investment. Below is the session snapshot

“Access Control Service (ACS) is perhaps the most powerful but least understood aspect of Windows Azure. While developers / architects understand it’s value proposition they are often left confused with surrounding acronyms and buzzwords like Active / Passive federation, SWT, SAML, ADFS, WIF, WS-Trust, WS-Federation, OAuth, OAuth WRAP, etc. This session distills the facts along with the underlying business motivation helping you with your moment on ACS. Having built the initial base session advances to focus on typical usage patterns of Access Control Service within enterprises. These common recurring implementation themes would further simply the mapping of ACS to your LOB applications. Attend this session to walk out with real implementation knowledge on ACS.”

Here’s the presenter billboard (speciality of GIDS 🙂 )

Looking forward to meet you in person…


Tech Ed 2011 Memorabilia

I thought of jotting down my top 5 memories of TechEd 2011 like I did for 2009 and 2010.

1) Co-presenting with Sachin: Sachin is undoubtedly one of the best presenters in Microsoft India. Not many know but he holds 14 patents. His dedication to his work is really admirable, in fact the day before we were walking through the demos till pass midnight. Hope we get an opportunity to co-present again 🙂

2) Guts – Live Azure Deployment: I have seen many Azure demos and most of them run on premise with emulators, guaranteeing the same would run in cloud which in fact in never does. Few other demos are already deployed on cloud which takes away the simplicity of Windows Azure. So we thought of creating a WIF enabled application from scratch and deploying it LIVE to Azure. Challenge of course was that this would take 7 – 8 minutes and we had to keep the momentum flowing during that timeframe. And most important – there is no second chance, in case deployment fails it would ruin the show. In the end it was all guts, we did live deployment and it was perfect 10.

3) MCP on Azure: Like 2009 this time around too TechEd offered free certifications and the one on offer was 70-583. I took a chance and was the first to clear this certification at the TechEd. Interestingly I have passed only 2 Microsoft Exams till date, and both happen to be @ TechEd.

4) A photo with Sanjay Vyas: This was definitely the moment. Sanjay is synonymous with TechEd and one of the finest presenters of our country. His humor, passion, wit and knowledge have no match. Let me hope someday I get lucky to co-present with him.

5) TechEd Memento: A Hatrick of mementos. It definitely means a lot to me 🙂 . Thanks to one and all that made this possible. As usual, it’s GIDS time now.

Microsoft Certified Career Conference Promotion Code

Folks, I am super excited to present at Microsoft Certified Career Conference on 18th February, 2011 (IST +5:30). To me it’s a rare and wonderful conference that focuses on overall career growth. Though technology happens to be an important aspect of our software industry, one can rarely succeed driving on it alone – irrespective of his / her designation. To help with the same conference has a wide variety of sessions including Communication, Listening skills, Certifications, Resume writing, and technology among others. My talk though technical in nature hopefully would be quite edible and appealing. It intends to unleash the horror behind login screens and especially the identity stores attached to them. It walks through the series of challenges faced by developers, IT Pros and Businesses showing how we can overcome them. Finally I have some good news. If you plan to register for the conference you can use the Promo code – CCDX5CH6MS and attend the conference for USD 10 per entrance ticket (80% discount on the regular fee). Not sure if one could have asked for more 🙂 .

India’s First Public Windows Azure Boot Camp

Hello Folks!!! I am excited to share with you that we are conducting the first public Windows Azure Boot Camp in India, location being Bangalore. I would be the speaker for these two days event which would level 100 – 200 introduction on Windows Azure. Due to various constraints we have limited the entry to twenty-five participants. Thanks to you all, currently we have about 250 registrations for the event and we are almost done with selecting the final list of attendees. I wish I had added the column in the registration page wherein one can specify the reason why he or she should be given a preference over others. Though we definitely plan to have that for future events, for this event if you happen to read this blog entry and have a strong reason for attendance (current project on Azure / Passion for Azure / Helping at the event, etc.) do drop me mail. I will try to put across your case and do my best to include you (no guarantee though). Anyways, thanks to all who have registered and hopefully we have selected the best 🙂 . Keep learning, keep sharing!!!

India’s First Windows Azure MVP

Phew, Am I Busy 🙂 ? While this a month back old news I am still glad to share it with all of you. Last October my MVP competency has been moved to Windows Azure. That makes me India’s first and currently the only Windows Azure MVP. Thanks to each one of you in community for your continued support and encouragement. Thanks to all my readers and all my session attendees. Thanks to my MVP lead and MVP friends. And finally thanks to my family for allowing me the time to pursue these dreams. I am also excited presenting tomorrow @VTD on – Integrating Silverlight and Azure with SharePoint. I Hope to catch you there. Thank you, once again!!!

TechEd 2010 Memorabilia

Phew!!! Another Great Event. Amazing sessions and amazing people all around. Like last year my top 5 picks for this Tech Ed.

1) First cool thing compared to last year – the Architect Track hall was bigger in terms of width (landscape mode). I prefer such an arrangement where everybody is within your eye reach & at the same time there are many seats to occupy.

2) My talk on Integration & Identity was largely scenario driven and hopefully was received well. For first time I was able to record the session entirely in my HD Handycam with help of a gentleman from Lalit. It’s almost a surprise viewing oneself in replay mode and guess there is a lot one can learn / unlearn.

3) I was part of the panel discussion on Cloud Computing with RamKumar, Sandeep, Anandan, et al. Great experience.

4) Parties – First day ended with dinner party hosted by Microsoft and I was lucky to be on the same table with John & David from Patterns & Practices. If there has ever been a team at Microsoft that can save your job it’s got be the P&P team 🙂 . Second day was a Microsoft influentials reception by Infragistics / Pluralsight. It was fun meeting old friends & Microsoft buddies at dinner. Final day was breakfast with Aaron Skonnard. Nothing less than a dream come true.

5) Last but not the least the second memento to add.

It’s GIDS time now.

It’s Tech Ed Time!!!

Tech Ed 2010 is here. I will presenting @ Architect Track on – “Integration and Identity challenges for Enterprise Grade Cloud Applications”. I also have an session lined up for Community Track with an interesting title – “Imagine a world free of login screens …”. I am really geared up for these sessions and look forward to provide max ROI to audience for their time and money. If you are attending Tech Ed and do drop in to say hello.

I am bit late on this post and missed uploading presentation decks for my last VTD. Hope to put bundle all of them together and upload post TechEd.

Your Feedback, My Passion – BLRCTD2010

Had a great time presenting at Community Tech Days. This was the first time I was doing opening session. Normally, I avoid doing it to get some buffer time, in case things go wrong. Nevertheless, it was an awesome experience. Thanks to the audience for making it so early on weekends. Hope the session was worth your time. You can find the presentation and demos here. Demos were largely from AppFabric SDK tweaked to convey a scenario. If you enjoyed the video I got the link from Vittorio’s Blog. Until next time, keep learning & sharing. Love you all 🙂 .

PPTX – Leveraging Windows Azure – Virtual Tech Days

Dear All, thanks for attending my session. Hope I could do some justice to your precious time 🙂 . For my past attendees, session could have been slightly plain as VS.NET was not involved at all, but I still believe attending it should have kick started your thought process on leveraging Cloud Computing. You can download the presentation from Skydrive. A small confession – there were few demos (including EmergencyBloodBank) planned for the session, but may be during those hours Azure was getting ready for PDC and everything was quite flaky 😦 . In fact all my .NET Service Bus solutions (Namespaces) were unavailable. So, I took the decision of discussing more scenarios and in hindsight it also looks more appropiate too. You might want to keep a eye on VTD Site as session recordings would be shortly available. I will look forward to hear your thoughts on the session. Till next time, Phir milenge Chalte Chalte. Love you all!!!

Leveraging Windows Azure – @VTD

It’s becoming difficult for me to keep posting about my talks as there have been many recently 🙂 . In Last 2 – 3 weeks I gave a talk on cloud computing for a local college in Bangalore, then did WCF / WF 4.0 for Community Tech Days, and .NET Service Bus Architecture session for Microsoft Tech Days @Wipro. Today, I will be talking about leveraging Windows Azure for your enterprise @Virtual Tech Days. Allow me to provide a brief about this session. Many of us have a decent understanding of what Cloud is all about, but are still stuck on where and how we can get started with it. This session helps you build a practical approach, making you familiar with those migration patterns that other are leveraging. Session also talks about Azure practicies and challenges involved around these patterns. To catch this session live logon to VTD site. I hope this would help you with your cloud efforts.